Sunday, March 23, 2014

A mini-tour of our progress...

It isn't finished, but we made lots of changes since Tuesday evening when we started this whole process. As we've learned over the years, if we move one section of products, it usually means that we'll end up moving lots of other sections. And that's what happened! Very few things are in their old places. It was lots of work, but we're thrilled with the results.

Here's a quick tour of the big picture and what we have accomplished to this point. All the small "fine-tuning" and decorating details will come over the next few days.

The new area replacing the third and fourth check-out areas. Room for lots of small embellishments, plus a great place two display all the new DIY items by American Crafts.

A new display and shelves allow us to gather glitters, mists, and inks all in one place.

Shelves in the new products area provide room for better arranging of products.

All of the SG sketch books finally have a place of their own!

The view from the entrance. New, tall displays add room for so much more product than before.

The travel items are finally all in one place! And tools have a new home.

View of the travel section from another angle.

New "waterfall" racks mean we can have more stickers in one place than before.

One of the best changes...a row of paper displays (like the ones we still have for cardstock) were moved out and these spinners added in that place. Paper collections can be seen so much better!

All the seasonal and holiday items are now in one spot.

More waterfall racks let us relocate our "wall of Thickers" and actually display more of them than before!

The new pocket page area in the front of the store.


stace said...

It looks amazing!

Lynette said...

It is officially on my bucket list. I HAVE to visit your store in my lifetime.

Steffanie said...

Looks beautiful! Sooo wish I lived near your store...or at least could come visit!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Beautiful.....definitely on my bucket list! Hope to visit soon!

Marisa T. said...

I love the pocket pages spot!

Amanda said...

looks so great! i love visiting your store when I'm in town from Austin, TX. My dad used to live right across Battlefield from you until he passed this last Sept. :(
I hope to still come visit my step mom and your store SOON!!
I love the monthly kit club!!

Néné Gump said...

Wow, what a beautiful, well organized store...wish i could be there. Vxx

Scrapbook Generation said...

You are all invited to visit anytime...we would love that! We've met so many nice travelers, in addition to our sweet locals.

(And when Lynette jets in from South Africa, we'll roll out the red carpet for sure! We've actually had a visitor from Australia who came to see us on a detour from a trip to Seattle to see her son, so we believe it can happen.)