Friday, June 27, 2014

looking forward to the coming months

In addition to the 10th birthday hoopla we have coming up in October, we had a family/business meeting last week and did our best to plan out the big events for the rest of the year. Here's a brief overview of what SG has in store for you, and a preliminary timeline!

• a new service-oriented card-making project that will warm the hearts of those who participate, and those who receive
• a "garage sale" to help our local customers find new homes for supplies they no longer want or need
• a plan to gather donations of paper and stickers for hospitalized children and/or nursing home residents
• a renovation project that will include better lighting in the store (finally!)
• an additional option in the Super Sketch Club

• an additional weekend crop, based on your requests and the fact that the one already scheduled is sold out and has a good-sized waiting list

• a 10th birthday celebration on Oct. 3-4, including classes with Prima educator and mixed media artist Ken Oliver
• two new sketch books by Allison Davis and Debbie Sanders: a double-page Christmas layout book, and a Christmas card and tag book

• a full weekend of classes on Nov. 14-15 with technique-guru Tammy Tutterow -- you'll recognize her from the beautiful tutorials she designs for each issue of CREATE magazine

As soon as possible:
• grand opening of the gallery available on our website for you to use to upload your layouts and other projects


Kiss of Whimsy said...

A Christmas layout book? More sketch books? Ooooooh, exciting!!

Scrapthat said...

Oooooo how EXCITING! New sketchbooks and I can't wait to see the gallery! Ooodles of fabulous inspiration! Wheee!

Amy Vandiver said...

Love the idea of a Christmas Layout Book!

stace said...

I can't wait for the new books!

Tasha said...

Super excited about new sketch books! Sending up a prayer that at least one is a single page book, those are my favorite!

Decomad said...

Don't forget about us online scrappers! I love your layouts!!!

Merrilee said...

I'm so excited about the new books!

Scoobers said...

SO much wonderful in ONE blog post!! YIPEEEEEE!!!!!

ZoezMom said...

I love the upcoming events - especially the garage sale at the store! Can't wait to unload some stuff and find new treasures.

Anonymous said...

So excited about the gallery

Karen Howard said...

I love your sketches and was wondering if these end up in the Scrapbook Sketch books in the store! I've just found your store and started collecting them. Thank you!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks, everyone, for all that's heartwarming!

Karen, in the beginning, the sketches we used for activities at the store were used in the sketch books, but now, with the huge number of people in the Super Sketch Club that also get the monthly sketches, we do totally new ones for the books. That way people aren't paying for duplicates. -- Debbie

Amy said...

I can't wait for new sketch books, Ken, Tammy, and new lighting makes me so happy! It's sometimes the little things in life, right? LOL sounds like a bunch of wonderful things headed our way!