Loyalty program

When you reach $50 in purchases (excluding kit clubs, all classes which require pre-payment, and gift cards), a coupon for $5 off your purchase on a future day will be generated as part of your receipt. The coupon can be used to purchase anything at SG except kit clubs and gift cards.
Earn double points for your entire purchase with the following:
• Attend and participate in a Super Saver Scrapbooking class session (first Saturday of the month);
• Attend and participate in the Sketch Day One sketch session (second Saturday of the month);
• Attend and participate in the Sketch Day Two sketch session (third Saturday of the month).

From time to time, there will be opportunities to earn extra points. For example, we might announce that on a certain date, you earn double points for your purchase. At other times, it might be double (or even triple) points on a certain brand or particular item.

All the record-keeping is done by our computer. No punch cards to keep (or lose!). The most difficult thing you’ll have to do is to make sure that you supply your name each time you check out so that you get credit for your purchase.

CUSTOMERS IN OUR ONLINE STORE (scrapbookgeneration.com):
Your local scrapbook store. Virtually.
These are more than just words at the top of this website. Those words spell out our all-out effort to be everything to our online customers that we are to our local customers.
To that end, the layout program for our online customers is identical to that of our local customers!

It's simple.
• Spend $50 and receive a $5 coupon for your next purchase. (The $50 in qualifying purchases excludes kit clubs, gift card purchases, taxes, and shipping fees.)
• Shopping totals are cumulative, so the $50 doesn't all have to be spent in one order. It can be spread out between two or more orders.
• After you reach the $50 total, within 12 hours you will receive an email with your $5 off coupon code.
• From time to time, we will have special double and triple point promotions just like in our Springfield store.
• The coupon can be used toward the purchase of anything except kit clubs and gift cards.


Anonymous said...

Just received my first coupon from the Loyalty Club sooooo excited to use it. Now to go shopping again

Jenn Bodnar

Ann Marie said...

Just reading up on the terms--I think I've finally reached $50 online, and can't wait to get my coupon! You ladies rock! :-D