Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Remember Me" Page and Album Club

Scrapbook Generation is proud to announce the start of an exclusive club for those of us who scrapbook pages and pages about others, but seldom take the time to chronicle our own lives, thoughts, relationships, and dreams. Please read on to find out how you can take part...

Remember Me
Page and Album Club Information

Your scrapbooks are full of your kids, family, friends, and pets.
Now it's time to turn the attention to yourself!
Let's create an album just about you.

Let Scrapbook Generation do the planning and design work.
Once a month, you add special photos and deepest thoughts.
At the end of 2007, you'll have a completed album.
Just about you.

Scrapbook Generation's "Remember Me" Page and Album Club features K & Company's beautiful 20-page Hannah album, papers, and embellishments, with page designs and journaling topics created by Debbie Sanders, a Creating Keepsakes award-winning scrapbook designer. Here's how the club works.

-- You receive a kit each month with enough cardstock, papers, ribbon, and embellishments to make a one- or two-page layout (January, June, July, and December are one-page, the rest are two-page.) The kit will include a photo of a suggested layout, the page topic, and a variety of easy ways to journal this topic. This project is simple and doable, with easy suggestions for success. All you have to do is create one layout each month, and at the end of the year you'll have a beautiful scrapbook that highlights you!

-- For example, in February, the two-page spread will be about "things I love." You'll have the option to present your feelings in categories (family, movies, food, books, music, sounds, nature...etc.) or in random order.

-- To get started in style, the first page kit is free! In January, you will receive the Hannah album, a $29.99 value, plus the first page kit, all for just $29.99. After that, the monthly page kits are $12.99. (You must sign up for the entire year to participate in the club.) You can enroll in person or by phone (417-886-0440).

-- To participate, you must enroll and pay the first month's fee ($29.99) by December 15. After that, the $12.99 payments are automatically billed to your credit card on the first of each month, beginning February 1. You may either pick your kit up at Scrapbook Generation, or have it shipped to your home (shipping costs will apply.)

-- Each month after you complete your assignment, just tuck the pages in the album, and watch the memories grow. You won't have to wonder if anyone will "Remember Me." You'll have created a priceless gift for those who know you, and for future generations.

-- In January of 2008, we'll host a get-together at Scrapbook Generation so that all of us can share what we have created.

"Not only am I going to complete an album about myself, I'm going to encourage my mother to enroll in the club and work on an album about herself." -- Debbie Sanders, "Remember Me" designer

-- PS. Still having trouble loading pics on blogger. For a photo of the album, papers, and some of the embellishments, please see our website,