Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Go grab your free download sketch for May!

It's another fantastic download day, with products ranging from single sketches to another great themed bundle of goodies by Allison Davis.

One Sketch Three Looks: Quick & Easy -- 89¢
• Double-page sketch features five 4x6 photos, two 3x4 photos, and one 6x4 photo. Photos are definitely the star of this layout. It could become a go-to sketch whenever you want a quick and easy layout with lots of photos. One strip of patterned paper, a couple of strips of stripes, a cluster of embellishments, and you're done. Title area is large enough to leave room for creative use of sizes and styles.
• Color layout examples are climbing trees, basketball, and pumpkin patch.

One Sketch Three Looks: Patchwork -- 89¢
• Double-page layout features two 4x6 photos, two 6x4 photos, one 4x5 photo, and one 4x3 photo. The focal point is an area featuring squares of patterned paper layered with more papers and embellishments. Project Life-style 3x4 cards would work perfectly in this focal area, along with other small decorative mats or frames.
Color layout examples are wedding, Christmas baking, and Thanksgiving.

One Sketch Three Looks: Focal Grid -- 89¢
• Double-page sketch features one 6x4, one 3-1/2 x 2-1/2, and six 3x3 photos. Focal point is on the grid formed by the 3x3 photos and patterned paper squares. A series of strips and a decorative scalloped border forms a backdrop for the grid. Title area includes circles and lots of room to create a title using a variety of letter sizes.
• Color layout examples are goofing off, Easter eggs, and boys playing.

Four Pack - $1.79
• Four new two-page sketches designed by Allison Davis that all feature 7 photos. 
• The first sketch has two 4x6 photos, one 6x4 photo, one 4x4 photo, and three 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 photos with a large background, a few banner strips, and accented with stars.
• The second sketch has two 6x4 photos, four 4x4 photos, and two 2x2 photos with a large journaling space and accented with hearts.
• The third sketch has two 3-1/2 x 5 photos and five 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 photos with a big banner, flowers, and clouds.
• The fourth sketch has two 4x6 photos, four 3x3 photos, and one 3x4 photos with a large background and accented with hearts.

Individual Sketch #1 - 49¢
• A one-page sketch designed by Allison Davis. The sketch has one 3x5 photo and three 3x4 photos with a large background and accented with stars.

Individual Sketch #2 - 49¢
A two-page sketch designed by Allison Davis, perfect for use with 6x6 paper pads. The sketch has two 3x4 photos, three 2x2 photos, two 6x4 photos, and six 3 x 2-1/2 photos. There are two 6x6 squares and the sketch is accented with hearts.

Girls/Mother's Day Bundle by Allison Davis - $10 (samples shown above)
• 6 two-page girl-themed sketches
• 6 one-page girl-themed sketches
• 4 girl-themed cards
• 5 girl embellishment ideas/sketches
• girl and mother quotes
• girl and mother titles

Free Sketch:
• A double-page sketch by Allison Davis. Sketch is shown below.

Click here to download the free sketch and shop for other sketch products by SG.

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