Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thanks to all of you who have called or asked about Drew. He's home after three days in the hospital, and seems to be doing great. He did have a rough time doing the breathing treaments -- didn't like having the litte mask over his nose, and he let everyone know it! Ali can give better details, but I think he has to take some medicine for the next few months.

I had a flashback on one of the visits to the hospital. Drew was running around the playroom having a big time, and Allison and Mike were each slumped in separate corners, not looking too perky! When Stacey was about the same age, we had a cancer scare with her. She had a tumor that had eaten through the bone in her arm, and spent a week in the hospital before the biopsy. Visitors said pretty much the same thing about her dad and I -- that she looked great and we were the ones who looked as if we needed medical attention!

So much has changed about hospitals since then, both positive and negative. The decor is a huge positive! If you haven't been there and seen for yourself, every inch of the pediatric ward at Cox is covered in bright murals, there are child size cars and wagons in the halls, and there is a wonderful playroom. When Stacey was in the hospital, I slept on the hard tile floor each night. There was no accommodation for parents who would stay overnight. Now there are recliners with extra length so that moms and dads can stay in relative comfort. The negative? It's really a statement about the change in our society. The ward is on 24-hour lockdown. You have to tell the name of the child and the room number before the entry doors are unlocked, and you also have to stop at the nurse's station for the doors to be unlocked so you can leave. It's wonderful that you know your child is safe, but so sad that it has to be this way.

Drew's hospital stay was actually a timely eye-opener for me, because I was able to see first-hand some of the wonderful things that are being accomplished by the Children's Miracle Network. I knew some of the bigger things that the organization does, but I saw some of the smaller things that are done to brighten everyone's stay in the hospital. Shortly after he arrived, Drew was given a teddy bear, compliments of Children's Miracle Network, and I saw from a sign on the wall that CMN also provides a free adult meal for parents during their child's stay. I'm sure that there are many other services provided daily that don't fall into the life and death category, and that is a wonderful service.

Long before Drew was in the hospital, Scrapbook Generation had already pledged to participate in "Scrapbooking For Miracles," a day-long crop here in Springfield that benefits the Children's Miracle Network. Now, that seems even more important to me, having experienced some of the benefits that are taking place every day of the year, in a quiet and behind-the-scenes way. Although it's impossible for us to attend the crop personally because of activities here at the store, we will have an information table set up, and we'll have some free sketches there for those attending to pick up. We also will be contributing several door prizes, including page kits. If you aren't already signed up, I'd recommend that you consider attending this worthwhile and fun event.

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