Thursday, July 10, 2008

I wanted to let all of you know that Scrapbook Generation just received about 20 of K & Company's awesome 12x24 frames. I did a special order for someone a couple of weeks ago and found out when I talked to my sales rep that with an upcoming move of K & Company's warehouse from Kansas City to Chicago later this summer, the frames will be discontinued. I was really sorry to hear that, because I love them myself! A two-page layout fits in the frame just perfectly, and the plastic "lip" allows some depth without flattening out any embellishments.

So for myself and for those you who might want to stock up as well, I ordered some of every style that she told me was still available. The frames arrived yesterday, and we have black, mahogany, and several cream-colored styles. When they're gone, we won't be able to order more, so if you are interested, stop by and check them out!

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