Monday, July 28, 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know that all of Scrapbook Generation's August classes are now posted at, and the models are here at the store for you to view. Most of you should also have received your August/September newsletter by now, and I hope you've had time to check out all the fun activities coming up.

August classes:
We lost a wonderful teacher, Sarah Gillespie, to conflicts with a "real" job, but hope she can join us again sometime in the future. To help fill the gap, Laura Parks is back after her "summer vacation" with her guys, and Allison Davis is back after the birth of her second son, Jackson.

We have some really great classes coming up, and I've just been thinking about what a wide variety of styles are represented in the layout classes. Allison brings her trademark stitching to her selections, Marti Blattert has a too-cute page about the clever (and probably embarrassing) things our children say, and I've added a fluffy/glittery touch with my flip-flop layout. Stacey Atchley, our card expert, is trying out a new page series in which she uses three patterned papers and one set of embellishments to create two great layouts, hence the name, 3-2-1 layouts! Her style is totally different from anything else offered! This month's Anna Griffin class is also one of my favorites, with a beautiful two-page layout and a matching mini-album.

In addition to the layout classes, Marti and Laura both have extra cute mini-album classes this month -- just pick your season, summer or Christmas! And if you've heard of paper bag mini-albums, how about paper bag cards -- a great idea Stacey has come up with for her creative cards classes.

Stacey keeps tweaking the website to make it easier for you to use, and she has color-coded the calendar so that crops, classes, and free seminars are easy to spot. She's also added links from the calendar to individual pages on the website.

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