Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I wanted to share the comments that people have written on Facebook about our free Christmas Gift Tag Gala this past Saturday. It was hectic and messy, and I'll admit that I probably tried to cram too many projects into too short a time. I worried that the more than 80 people who participated were too rushed and didn't enjoy the experience. Then I read these sweet comments, and they've made my day! And probably my week! Maybe even longer!

"It was a LOT of fun! Thanks, ladies, for all you do to make scrapbooking awesome." -- Jane

"I had a great time." -- Connie

"Thanks for all your hard work getting all these cute gift cards cut and ready for us. You are very generous to us and we appreciate you." -- Judy

"Thanks for the great tags, girls! We had a good time." -- Chris

"This was a wonderful event. I was pokey and took the supplies home, but finished all tonight with the help of your blog! They are gorgeous! Your store and materials are so classy! Thanks for all your hard work in having these freebie classes." -- Debi

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