Monday, December 07, 2009

Scrapbook Generation has a new look!
Stacey and Allison rearranged the store Saturday night to get a homey-looking set fixed for the filming of our first-ever instructional DVD. The lighting crew arrived Sunday morning and did interesting stuff like take out the ceiling tiles and string lights from above, then the filming crew arrived later. To keep the lighting consistent, the filming had to take place after dark, so they started about 5 pm on Sunday and completed the job about 6 am Monday morning. I'm glad I was home!

By the time I arrived this morning, Ali had already headed home to get some well-deserved sleep, but I did get to talk to Stacey about how things went. She said Ali did an awesome job with the instructional parts of the DVD. And besides the on-screen work, there was a huge amount of behind the scenes preparation. In addition to the completed layouts, they had to make several copies of all the parts and pieces, so that they could explain and show how to make the pages.

One of my former journalism students, Darin Raney, is producing the DVD through his company, Encite, Inc. Darin was in Hollywood for several years, and worked on movies you'll easily recognize, like "Dave" and "A Few Good Men." He's back in Springfield now, and it's been a great experience to be collaborating with him on this project.

What's left to do? We have to complete the 25 all-new sketches and the 75 all-new layouts for the DVD. The sketches will be printable and the layouts will make up a gallery that will be a bonus feature in addition to the instructional part of the DVD. We still think we can be finished in time for a release date of late December. (Reserve a copy of the DVD in advance by calling SG, or by signing up on the DVD page on

Anyway, back to the "homey set." It was quick and easy to take down the supplies Stacey and Allison had used to decorate the bookcases, and replace them with the huge selection of albums we have right now. I think you'll like the new look!


kroller said...

Can't wait to see the rewards from all of your hard work! Like the bookcases left there too.

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks, Amy! The best part of the bookcases, they were already in the store, just not all in one spot. In other words, a make-over for free!