Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Right now, we're in retreat mode at Scrapbook Generation! After so many of them, the four of us pretty much know who is doing what, from decorations to snacks to classes. With spring retreats three weekends in a row, our March schedule of store activities seems rather basic sketch classes or Allison Davis sketch classes on Saturdays. However, we'll make up for that in the next few months! The April/May newsletter will be headed your way sometime early next week, and we have some great activities planned in honor of the third anniversary of our sketch sessions.

Directly related to our Saturday sketch sessions, our five "Sketches for Scrapbooking" books are enjoying a remarkable popularity right now, with several current threads on the Two Peas message board filled with praise for the books from people all over the country (as well as some of our local gals who have put in their two cents!). Honestly, you can't buy that kind of publicity, and we're so appreciative. Stacey has put a link to the most recent thread on the SG Facebook page, and it's fun to read all the compliments.

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