Friday, October 22, 2010

 Another clue...

Sorry I'm posting so late, but today has been wall-to-wall retreat stuff. We're having a second trip on the Orient Express this weekend, with another great group of scrapbookers.

Let's narrow our choices down a little further.
Our big surprise has nothing to do with Tim Holtz. (Although when we found out you were so eager to see him, we contacted him about coming to SG. Sorry...he's booked for the next five years. We DID get on a waiting list if someone else cancels.)

Hope you're having fun with this little game. As I told a couple of people here at the retreat, it's driving us crazy to not be able to spill it all for a few more days.


kroller said...

how many days are you calling a few...Hopefully you will keep giving clues. If you say it has nothing to do with sketches, I will be lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to a take a guess is it that you guys are getting a bigger store? Hope you get to tell all of us the big and surprise news!

Ashley L.

dawn said...

It's gotta be something about the sketches. I'm having fun with this though, but also can't wait to find out. You ladies have been good about keeping exciting secrets haven't you.

Penny Peck said...

Are you going to be on Scrapbookmemories TV? I saw Nikki on it.

amy said...

I hate a wrapped package--can't we have a peek?

Amy Henbest