Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Sketch Week on Allison's blog...

If you've never checked out Allison's blog during Sketch Week, you're really missing out. Today's layout, shown above, is a prime example of how she takes a simple design and manages to transform it in ways most of the rest of us would never think of. After 25 years of teaching yearbook design, I've got a pretty decent grasp of design rules and what is appealing to the eye. I can make a good-looking scrapbook page. But I'll readily admit that I don't have that something extra that Ali has.

She has the "design rule" knowledge of balance and repetition and visual triangles and the like, but she also has an artistic sense that adds something special to her scrapbook pages. I look at the layout above and just wish I could come up with something that creative and original.

Click here to go to Allison's blog. Scrapbook Generation is the sponsor of Sketch Week this month, and we're giving away copies of Sketches for Scrapbooking every day!

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