Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scrapbook Generation Birthday Countdown:
10 days until Saturday, November 6!
Join us for the celebration...

From now until Saturday, Nov. 6, the red, yellow, and green balloons logo above will signal more fun details about Scrapbook Generation’s huge sixth birthday party are being revealed. Every few days between now and then, I’ll let you in on a little more of the excitement we have planned for you.

We've been a little distracted lately with a couple of retreats and all the flurry of activity that goes along with them, but now we're focused solidly on a special event coming up in just 10 days!

I just spoke with Lead Fiskateer Rebecca Peck, and I have a little more information for you about both Friday and Saturday.

• Friday, November 5
Our celebration is actually going to start on Friday evening. From 5-7 pm, Lead Fiskateers Rebecca Peck and Angela Daniels will be at Scrapbook Generation for an informal reception and some fun activities. We'll be providing some tasty treats for you to snack on, and Rebecca and Angela have some great door prizes that they'll be awarding Friday night. The best part: They're bringing a green screen and a photo printer. You are all invited to stop by and pose for some funny-silly-goofy pictures in front of a background of who-knows-what! (For example, when Don and I went to San Antonio a few weeks ago, we posed in front of a green screen at the Tower of the Americas, and then the photos they gave us had us posing in front of the Alamo and the Riverwalk!) We'll be able to print pictures out on the spot for you to take with you -- and it's all free and fun! Come by yourself, or grab a group of friends and stop by!

• Saturday, November 6
On Saturday, the Fiskateers will be giving away a great prize every hour, and they'll also have a Grand Prize basket that will be given away at the end of the day! If you are a registered Fiskateer, you'll also receive a gift bag from Fiskars. (You MUST be a Fiskateer to get the gift! To sign up, click on the link at right, then follow the simple directions, which include sending an email to Rebecca or Angela. To get registered in time, you MUST send your email by Tuesday. After that, they will be enroute to Springfield and may not be able to respond to your request in time!)


Anonymous said...

This all sounds great I can't wait. Debbie, are you feeling better? I was in today and Karin, the loving sister that she is, said she was worried because you had injured your back. I hope it isn't serious. We can't do all of this upcoming stuff without you. Rest and get well. We want you there to enjoy the fun.
Love,Christine Rantz

Scrapbook Generation said...

I wish I had a good story to tell! I bent over to blowdry my hair here at the store (that's another story in itself) and a sharp pain went up my right side and back. After that, I could barely walk to the car to go home and get in bed. Not good timing! I stayed home yesterday and rested, and I'm much better today. Still can't bend or lift, but at least I'm walking! -- Debbie

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it doesn't take much. My Dad was just bending over to get canned goods out of the grocery cart when he had a disk in his back slip out of place and eventually had to have surgery. I pray that this is not the case for you. I know how busy of a woman you are. I hope and pray you continue to get better.
--Christine R.