Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scrap-a-Palooza #10!

Here's a look at Scrap-a-Palooza #10. Thanks so much to the 275 people who attended and shopped with us, including those who traveled from New Jersey, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, and all the states surrounding Missouri. We had a great time at both the Friday evening reception and the Saturday crop, and hope you did, too!

You have to love gals who are so dedicated to scrapbooking that they would stand in line in 20-degree weather.
Chris Louzader and Midwest Family Broadcasting make sure we have plenty of food all day long.
There's nothing quite like shopping at Palooza -- and there were 22 other non-scrapbooking vendors there in addition to Scrapbook Generation. Purses, cupcakes, jewelry, candles, and more!

Katrina Hunt demos a popular product, the button and shape tool by Epiphany Crafts. Katrina also taught two mini-classes and another demo!
Allison Davis teaches one of her four paid classes in an adjoining classroom area. They were especially popular this time!
 Stacey Atchley was lucky to escape from the cash register long enough to eat lunch!
Karen Taylor represents Want2Scrap and showcases their products, including Nestabling.
Karen Taylor shares her papercrafting expertise with the Palooza crowd.
What can I say? These four gals taught their hearts out at Palooza, sharing their knowledge and love for scrapbooking and paper crafts with others. Lexi Bridges and Katrina Hunt represented Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker in two mini-classes, plus Katrina did two awesome demos on products that people were very interested in. Allison Arnall Davis was teaching all day -- four paid classes, and two demos. Karen Taylor represented Want2Scrap, gave out some wonderful prizes, taught a mini-class, and did a demo, then hung out and gave personal instruction all day -- all after having car trouble and getting stranded on the way to Palooza. What a trooper! Thanks to all for helping make the event a top-of-the-line experience. Lexi, Katrina, and Karen are all headed to CHA this week, so it was especially awesome of them to spend time with us. I know they're in the middle of getting ready for a big trip!
I have to say that my sister, Karin Rush, and my two daughters, Allison Davis and Stacey Atchley are the most hard-working people I know. They do an incredible job of putting together an outstanding event that still draws sell-out crowds after an amazing ten times! I think we make a great team, and there's no one I'd rather be working with. Ever.

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