Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome to Camp SG!

We have a retreat theme! We'll be "roughing it" at Camp SG this spring at our two weekend retreats in Branson. We'll be going rustic with our decor, and you'll find plentiful amounts of trail mix, s'mores, and other goodies to munch on. You may even find yourself "fishing" for some great prizes.

This theme promises to be tons of fun, and we're abuzz with ideas about campfires, Mason jars, tin cans, lanterns, gingham, and twine. This may be the cutest retreat yet! Forget about bugs and ants and bears...we'll be inside where it's warm and cozy.

The first weekend (March 16-18) is sold-out, but we're taking a waiting list of 4-5 people. There are a few spots remaining in the second weekend, March 23-25. For more details about SG retreats, check out the right sidebar under "Keeping You Informed."

1 comment:

Penny{scraps} G said...

SUCH a cute theme idea! Y'all are just SO creative! AND fun! :-)