Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beating the ice!

I have to brag on Karin, Stacey, and Lindsey! They played beat-the-clock today and managed to get the mountain of Super Sketch Club boxes shipped before the ice gets here tonight. 

Normally, the boxes would ship tomorrow and the next day, but when it became clear this might be a problem, the three of them shifted into high gear.

I understand it took some sweet-talking and stalling -- and possibly a few snacks -- to get the Post Office guy (who arrived about 20 minutes early for the 5 pm pick-up) to hang around long enough to get the last of the labels printed and on the boxes! Sounds like they had a wild day, but we're all so glad to get the boxes on the way to you.

Here's what Karin said on Facebook:
"Stacey gave me the special job of 'stalling the Post Office guy' while she printed shipping labels so Lindsey and I could put them on the kit boxes! I asked so many weather questions he showed me the weather radar on his phone! Enjoy your kits!"

Here's what Stacey said on Facebook:
"I wish there would have been a secret camera up so we could share a video of just how crazy we all looked. Karin was chatting up the Post Office guy... (sidebar: he was really fantastic, as were all the people at our local post office. We usually have to schedule pick-ups a day in advance, and they worked in a special pick-up with 4 hours notice today so kudos to them as well!)...I was flinging labels over the counter as quick as they could print. Lindsey would catch them, they slapped them on boxes as quick as possible. It really was hilarious. We often joke about our day-to-day activities being turned into a reality show, and today would have made a great episode!"

It looks like we're in for some nasty weather the next couple of days, so please check here and Facebook before heading out to shop on Thursday or Friday. If it's icy, we won't be open.

But the great thing about online shopping? Weather doesn't matter! Our online store has great kits, sketch books, sketch downloads, and paper collections by some of our top companies. Click here if you need to shop a bit!

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