Thursday, February 21, 2013

More new goodies!

Don't get out to shop today, because we're not open, but when you can, be sure to stop by and check out the avalanche of new products arriving almost daily at SG!

Six color choices of decorative tape sets by My Mind's Eye! Cover the world in washi!

Twenty-two new themed papers and matching stickers by Reminisce -- everything from military to hunting and fishing to band to Vegas!

For all you Project Life lovers, the Photo Freedom, Vol. 1 collection by Echo Park

KaiserCraft makes so many collections that it's hard to keep up, so we've brought in a great variety of collection packs: Class Act, Timeless, Check In, Miss Match, Attitude, Save the Date, Periwinkle, Tropicana, Butterfly Kisses, Forget Me Not, Marigold, Botanical, Secret Admirer, and Magnolia Grove!


Beth said...

Will you be getting the Freedom or Lucy Crab Shack lines from Bazzill???

Scrapbook Generation said...

Beth, I haven't ordered these yet, but I'll certainly check them out. Thanks for the suggestion -- Lucy Crab Shack sounds especially fun! -- Debbie

Beth said...

I want to get some of both lines, but would rather support a local store then order from a larger online retailer.

ouspeedster said...

Oh how I miss my weekly or twice weekly visits to SG! I loved seeing all the new stuff and browsing down every isle! Those who have not graced your door have no idea how wonderful the store and you gals are!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks, Beth -- can't tell you how much we appreciate that!

ouspeedster, so nice to hear that, especially since the last couple of weeks have been a little rough. Although we always hate it when people move away -- it's still nice to be able to keep in touch in a small way via Facebook and here. -- Debbie

Scrapbook Generation said...

Beth -- I just checked out both the groups you asked about, and they're really cute! I'm a sucker for anything red, white and blue, and love the crab shack group, too. I'll order them, so just keep watching here and you'll know the minute we have them!

Thanks again for the suggestion -- I hadn't seen those collections yet.


Scrapbook Generation said...

Beth: I just ordered both the collections -- looks like Lucy's Crab Shack will ship pretty quickly, and Freedom will be early April.