Thursday, February 07, 2013

'Sketch Fusion' off to the printers!

The process that began just a few days before Christmas is finally completed! All 24 layouts and 24 sketches for Scrapbook Generation's Sketch Fusion with Simple Stories were sent to the printer yesterday afternoon.

For us, the excitement level for this new book is even greater than usual, because this is the first time we've included layout samples. It took longer to create the book, but the final product is something we're extremely proud of.

Working with the Simple Stories products was lots of fun, and we tried to provide a good mix of styles -- some layouts could be described as grid-oriented, while others incorporate Simple Stories blocks and strips in unique ways. All of the layouts/sketches have SO many options built in, and we've listed easy ways to change them up to add more photos, ways to change horizontal photos to vertical (and vice versa), and ways to change the look of the layout by switching out the different sizes of Simple Stories blocks and strips.

We'll begin taking pre-orders for the print book on Monday, February 11 at This will assure that you are among the first to receive Sketch Fusion with Simple Stories. The books should be ready to ship in late February or early March, depending on when Simple Stories releases their three new collections. (If you've already ordered a bundle, there is no need to place a pre-order this time.)

Retail stores that want to place a pre-order can contact us at 417-886-0440 or by emailing


Amy said...

I can't wait to see the final product!!

Amy said...
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Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks, Amy! Me, too! -- Debbie