Thursday, March 24, 2011

Designers Challenge Club projects for February...
Only four of our 20 Designers Challege Club members brought in projects this month, but they are lovely designs using the "Once Upon a Springtime" collection by Graphic 45. I know you'll enjoy them as much as we have!

Because attendance keeps shrinking at our monthly meetings, and this month was the lightest showing ever, we feel like we need to take a break from this activity. We'll go ahead and hold the scheduled April meeting, but no new packets will be distributed then. After that, we'd love to hear feedback about where to go with Designers Challenge. We would like to start up again in the fall, and possibly tweak the program so that we have a better response each month. Feel free to let us know what would make this activity more "user friendly" for you, because I love the concept of people taking the same supplies and then seeing how many different projects can be created.

Designers Challenge Club member Esther Miller's project, above and below.

Designers Challenge Club member Diana Iverson's project, above.
Designers Challenge Club member Annetta Svagera's project, above and below.

Designers Challenge Club member Diane Schnake's project, above and below.


Shirley said...

I have been in the Designer's Challenge since it first started, and have really, really enjoyed it. I prefer more vintage-style papers, and even though some months the papers were a little more contemporary than I would have selected for myself, I enjoyed the challenge. I loved this months G45 papers, and have had a great time doing it--I just don't have mine finished yet. Ha ha. Incidentally, Esther and I chose the same little book to do our project on. How fun is that! I loved the little gate cover and found a poem "Fairies in the Garden" to include.

Time has been my biggest enemy. Even though I made my monthly project a priority, it was sometimes hard to get done in time.

I look forward to the Fall Designers Challenge event.

Erica said...

These projects are amazing! This sounds like a really neat idea...may have to look into it come fall!