Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wonderful food...
We've been feasting all weekend on the yummy meals from Mmmmmmm Delicious, Christina Conrad's new business based in Springfield. Christina, one of our customers and a regular in Stacey's card classes, opened her new venture in late February. The concept is home-cooked meals delivered to homes and businesses in Springfield Monday through Friday. Our retreat was her first catering job in addition to the meal delivery, and as far as we were concerned, she hit a home run!

Last night...barbecue pulled chicken sandwiches, roasted red potatoes with bacon and cheese, baked beans, chocolate cake, and what everyone seems to think is the best coconut cake ever baked.

Lunch today...chicken salad sandwiches on cinnamon raisin bread, cheesy potato soup, and chewy cookies.

Tonight...brisket, cheesy mashed potatoes (noticing a yummy cheesy potato trend?!), green beans, rolls, mixed salad with cranberries, strawberries, mandarin oranges, and a homemade poppy seed dressing, plus strawberry cake and (my personal favorite) the best pineapple cake ever!

We're so happy to have discovered Christina's business, and think she's going to be a huge success. She and her staff will be back with us next weekend at our second retreat, and we also want her to cater both of our fall retreats!

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