Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ready to fill!
The final pieces of the puzzle we call Scrapbook Generation just arrived today, and they are a perfect fit for our space. We did some minor rearranging of some things in the front of the store, and now we think we have that "just right" combination of display space and walking and looking space. We can't wait to fill these new displays with beautiful new products!

Spring Blossom by K & Company...
We're happy to be able to offer you K & Company paper collections again. Since they were purchased by Wilton a couple of years ago, they had not been doing collections with individual papers, at least to my knowledge. I was so glad to see that they have once again produced a beautiful selection of lightweight papers and also heavier weight specialty papers. Expect to see more from them in coming months!

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Laura said...

Just beautiful! Love flowers!