Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't forget about Tuesday!


Because of the tremendous positive response to our free trial download couple of weeks ago of an Allison Davis sketch, we're adding a new item to our regular monthly schedule of clubs, kits and activities.

Next Tuesday, we're launching a wide variety of downloads in our online store at The downloads will include a free sketch for everyone, plus an assortment of sketches and classes for purchase: single sketches, small groups of sketches, and Allison's extremely popular online class "Sketch Support" (taught previously at My Creative Classroom.)

We think you'll love the projects, and the prices!


Joy said...

This sounds very exciting! I'm so looking forward to Tuesday.

Sharon said...

I am SO excited! I have been counting down the days! Hope it's early in the day....I have a feeling I'll be sitting by the computer hitting the refresh button :)

freddi said...

can't wait. i'll be there for sure. thank you for the heads up.

Julie said...

Can't wait.