Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook contest ending soon!

If you haven't already, go to our Facebook page (click here) and share our Tuesday post about the August sketches downloads. We're giving away two $100 shopping sprees, one to a long-distance customer and one to a local customer for sharing this post with others. The $100 gift cards can be used in our online store or here at our Springfield location.

We're trying to spread the word about our new downloadable products. The contest ends at midnight on Sunday and we'll announce the random winners on Monday.

Answering your questions about our downloadable sketches and classes:
• All sketches are new and haven't been published in our books before. In addition, they won't appear in any future print publications we produce.
• The sketches and classes will remain in our online store for an indefinite period of time.
• We've had a few people inquire about seeing the sketches before they buy them. Unfortunately, we are unable to show the sketches prior to purchase without giving people the ability to copy the sketches without paying for them. We hope that people are familiar with the quality of design work that the SG staff produces, understand the need for this decision, and will purchase the sketches knowing they will always be our best work.

Some of the comments we've received on Facebook and on message boards:
• "I really like the various options available, and they're so reasonable! I mean, 89¢ for a sketch and three sample layouts? Great deal!"
• "I love getting sketches this way. Just buy the ones you want, and the price can't be beat! And the free sketch is just so sweet of them!"
• "I downloaded all of the sketches yesterday. They are awesome! I hope that they will keep them coming."
• "So pleased the prices are reasonable!"
• "I love the free August sketch! Love this idea of buying sketches online!"

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