Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our sketches books are getting ready for world travel...
I know that at some point this will all calm down and I won't get so excited about every door that opens, but today we had some really wonderful news about Scrapbook Generation Publishing. Notions Marketing, the nation's largest craft distributor, will now be carrying the six volumes of Sketches for Scrapbooking and the one volume of Sketches for Cardmaking.

Notions Marketing is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has over 450 employees, carries over 85,000 craft products, and is also an international distributor. Just to give you some idea of how valuable and convenient this distributor is to stores like us, I typically place four to six orders a week with them.

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Scrapthat said...

:) I think I'm already a fan so I can only pass on the word to help :)