Monday, May 20, 2013

Chat tonight, anyone?!

 We invite you to join a group of scrapbookers who will be using our live chat feature tonight at 7 pm (CST). The chat is being organized by ladies who are part of a new forum called ScrapNYap. This is an extremely encouraging, kind, cheerful, and happy message board, and to say it is SG-friendly is an understatement!

Right now, a group of about 40 of us are taking Allison's online Sketch Support class together. We have just completed week one, and we're posting our layout assignments and inspecting and praising each others' work. As soon as we finish the Sketch Support class, we're going to start on another one of Allison's classes and do it as a group, too! We'd love to have you join us. (Click here to read more details about the class.)

I know they would love to have you join them tonight to talk about all things scrapbooking. And if you would like to check out this new forum, the address is: To participate, you must be approved by the moderator, who works hard to ensure that this forum stays supportive, informative, and above all, pleasant and welcoming.

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janet said...

It was nice chatting with everyone and hearing updates about the progress on the new online store. Great times ahead. Thanks for keeping the chat open this month.
It was super fun.