Monday, May 06, 2013

May Sketch Day One

Sketch Day One choices: Debbie Sanders layout, top; Allison Davis layout, bottom.
Both Allison and Debbie started with identical materials --
the same two sheets of cardstock and the same three patterned papers.
When you attend the class at SG, you'll decide which layout
you prefer and use your materials to make that layout.
We hope you can join us Saturday, May 11 for Saturday sketch sessions by Debbie Sanders and Allison Davis! The layouts above are the choices for May Sketch Day One sessions.

How it works:
• Pre-register for sessions at 10am or 2pm by calling 417-886-0440;
• Bring basic tools and adhesives;
• Receive two free computer sketches;
• Make one double-page layout, your favorite of the two choices;
• Pay for papers used -- the total usually comes to a little over $4.

• If you want to make both the layouts from a particular Saturday, order a duplicate set of paper when you register by phone or in person. Order must be placed prior to the Saturday class.
• If you want to purchase the embellishment add-on (shown below), you can order it when you register. This embellishment is not used on the layout samples shown above, but is offered for those of you who want to add another level of interest and creativity to your pages. All embellishment add-on orders must be placed prior to the Saturday class.

• All kits must be requested before the class activities take place on Saturday.
• The fee for a kit is $5, and is due at the time the request is made.
• If you need the kit shipped to you, the shipping charge is an additional $5.99.
The best deal for our long-distance customers? Join the monthly Super Sketch Club and get the Super-Saver three layout kit, the Sketch Day One layout kit, and the Sketch Day Two layout kit (materials and sketches for five double-page layouts plus two bonus sketches) for $20 plus $6.99 shipping.

• If you occasionally want to make both layouts, order a duplicate set of paper ONLINE ONLY at (Limited number of extra sets available. Once they sell out, they're gone. Click here to order.
• If you ALWAYS want make both layouts, enroll in Super Sketch Club Double Up. For an additional $10 per month, you'll receive a duplicate set of identical materials for the Sketch Day One and Sketch Day Two portions of the club. (By doing this, you will be able to make both Allison layouts and both Debbie layouts that will be shown on the blog each month.) Sign up for Double Up by clicking here.

• You can choose to order the embellishment that coordinates with the layouts this week. The embellishment this week is a $3.99 chipboard set. This embellishment is not used on the layout samples, but is offered for those of you who want to add another level of interest and creativity to your pages. (Limited number of embellishment add-ons available ONLINE ONLY at Once they sell out, they're gone. This add-on does not increase your shipping fee! Click here to order.


Tink said...

Love this line soooo much! I've got 2 or 3 sheets of that paper and haven't been able to bring myself to cover it up! (;

Laura_J said...

Awesome use of this paper! Bold designs like that can be hard to use and you knocked it out of the park!

Corrina said...

Clicked the link to add the embellishment to my monthly kit but it was not showing up to add on.

Scrapbook Generation said...

Thanks, Tink and Laura!

Corrina, Stacey will have that in the online store sometime today. We usually have things timed better...sorry for the delay. -- Debbie

Corrina said...

No problem!!

Thanks for letting me know!!

You guys are the best!!

Scrapbook Generation said...

Paper like that big "flash" IS harder to work with. Definitely agree with that. As I do quite often for the sketch club, I hated where my first attempt was going so I threw it in the trash and started over. Liked the second one much, much better! (And as usual, Allison went snip, snip, snip and had a cute layout in minutes!)